Kelley Bivens LCSW Counseling Services

As individuals, we love certainty, feeling as though we have control; knowing what to expect; that black and white area of thinking; and most definitely, we love that quick gratification feeling. Life doesn’t always happen on our terms. Life happens and we learn as we go.

I love being a therapist, because I get to walk beside others while they transform through areas of doubt or darkness, into something beautiful. Through listening, encouraging and motivating, laughing, crying, passionate speaking, exploring, and the occasional chocolate and coffee, I get the chance to help you find a better version of what you wish for your next steps in life.

Client      Kelley Bivens
Project Date      January 2021

“Keep Breathing, Keep Smiling, and Give Yourself Grace. 
That One Day can be Tomorrow for You.”

I am Licensed Clinical Social Worker offering individual counseling for both adolescents (ages 14-18) and adults. I specialize in the following areas of therapy and counseling: Anxiety; Bipolar Disorder; Communication Skills; Coping Skills; Depression; Grief; Life Transitions; PostPartum; Relationship Concerns; Self Esteem; and Trauma.

Canberra (ACT) Australia

                               Phone:  +61 426 415 027


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